Family Disputes

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is one of the most stressful times in any person’s life.  You may want the reassurance of legal advice to help you through the process but without the additional worry of how much that advice will cost.

We offer a number of packages, each with a fixed price, so that you can obtain legal assistance with the guarantee you know exactly what you will need to pay. 

For many couples the breakdown of their relationship is only the start of the process.  You may just want to talk to a Solicitor to discuss the options available to you.  You may have decided that your relationship is over, but are unsure as to the way forward.  You may have children and be worried about the future.  Often, there are financial issues that need to be dealt with.  You may have already been served with a divorce petition and be unsure what you need to do.  Whatever your circumstances, we have a package to suit you.

Simple Divorce          -          £250.00 plus VAT - £300.00

  • Initial 30 minute consultation
  • Assistance completing the petition
  • Provision of the appropriate court forms
  • Provision of “Guide to Divorce proceedings”

Managed Divorce          -          £475.00 plus VAT - £570.00

  • Initial 30 minute consultation
  • We complete the Petition and Statement of Arrangements for Children (if necessary) and once approved send to the court on your behalf
  • We draft all the court paperwork for you and deal with the correspondence to and from the court
  • Further meeting if necessary

Bespoke Divorce

If your divorce is complicated, you may not know where your spouse is or they may be refusing to co-operate, one of our fixed packages may not be suitable for you.  We offer a bespoke service where we agree an hourly rate and update you as to costs at monthly intervals so you know exactly what your costs will be. 

  • Initial consultation
  • Fixed hourly rate
  • Unlimited access to your Solicitor
  • We prepare all the necessary court documents and correspond with the court and your spouse’s Solicitor, as necessary
  • If required, we attend Court on your behalf

Respondent Divorce          -          £200.00 plus VAT - £240.00

Have you been served with a divorce petition and are unsure how to proceed and need some assistance?

  • Initial consultation with Solicitor
  • Advice as to your options
  • Assistance completing the appropriate court paperwork
  • No need to contact your spouse
  • Provision of “A Guide to Divorce proceedings”

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