Cohabitation Law

Many people mistakenly believe that a “common-law marriage” provides the same legal rights as those available to a married couple.  This is not so and the status of a common-law marriage has not, in fact, existed in England & Wales since 1753.  Outside of a formal civil partnership, the actual legal rights available to cohabiting couples are minimal by comparison with those that exist within marriage.

Hodge Halsall provide advice and assistance for cohabiting couples with regard to issues affecting property, finance and children.  In our opinion every cohabiting couple should seek legal advice and take formal steps to protect and preserve their respective interests in such matters rather than rely upon law which is ill equipped to deal with disputes which arise when cohabiting relationships break down.

We can assist with co-habitee issues involving:-

  • property ownership;
  • pension rights;
  • wills and death;
  • children

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